Playgrounds and play equipment

All play equipment and fall zones should comply with all relevant Australian Standards including but not limited to AS/NZS 4685, 4422 and 4486. 

Evidence in the form of an independent playground audit is to be provided to Council prior to Practical Completion.

Where suitable, play equipment is to be installed to a depth that allows the compacted soft fall (250 millimetres deep) to finish flush with existing ground level, and consequently any soft fall indicator plates. Therefore excavation will be required to achieve a depth of 250 millimetres across the playground area (with relevant fall for drainage) for the installation of soft fall, with the top of the edging to finish flush with the existing ground level.

Softfall mulch

Soft fall mulch is to be processed pine bark 10 millimetres - 14 millimetres, certified to meet the requirements of AS4422 – Playground Surfacing. Playground surfacing mulch is to be installed at a depth of 300 millimetres to allow for settling and compaction over time in order to meet the minimum Australian Standard of 200 millimetres.

The extent of the soft fall area needs to comply with manufacturer’s requirements and all relevant Australian Standards and certification provided to Council.

Rubberised surfaces

Rubberised impact attenuating surfaces, where approved within endorsed landscape plans must conform with Australian Standards and must be installed in a single pour to prevent the creation of joins or edges which are prone to damage from lifting and separation of seams.

Playground drainage

All playgrounds must include sub-surface drainage connected to a stormwater system. It is the responsibility of the Site Superintendent to inspect the site during construction and to sign off on the drainage prior to the installation of soft fall mulch or other suitable treatment. Swale/Table drains may be required around the site to direct surface water away from the playground.

Generally, the subgrade system shall comprise subsoil drains surrounded by drainage screenings to a minimum depth of 100 millimetres all around. Subgrade levels shall be formed to fall to drains, allowing for required depth of soft fall mulch. A copy of as-built drainage plans are to be provided to Council on completion of project.

Figure 8: Typical playground drainage detail

Figure 8: Typical playground drainage detail

# Description
1 Approved soft fall mulch.
2 Geotextile drainage fabric.
3 Drainage screenings.
4 90 millimetres diameter slotted AG drainage pipe.

Site safety and maintenance

During construction, playground sites are to be fully fenced or para-webbed to protect park users. Fencing is to remain in place until the playground has been signed off by a Playground Auditor and City of Greater Geelong Council Officers.

During the maintenance period, the Site Superintendent is responsible for ensuring that playgrounds are subject to a minimum once-weekly safety inspection to ensure all play equipment is in a safe working order and the site is free from hazards and litter.

Playground audit and inspections

The Site Superintendent must supply a copy of the independent playground audit and all Compliance Certificates prior to the issue of Practical Completion.

Prior to the inspection by the Council Representative for both Practical Completion and Handover:

  • All play equipment must be clean and in good working order.

  • Keys, where appropriate, are to be handed to Council prior to Handover.

  • All timber railings and timber park furniture, must be cleaned and oiled.

  • All graffiti removed and surfaces re-finished as necessary.

Page last updated: Friday, 13 March 2020