Greater Geelong Cycle Strategy

The attached documents detail the most recent cycling strategy for our municipality and can be viewed in two different formats.

The City of Greater Geelong Cycle Strategy has been developed to provide Council with guidance on expanding Geelong’s on and off road cycle network, improving bicycle facilities, enhancing cyclist education and delivering promotions that encourage people to cycle as a means of transport, recreation and sport.

Providing for cycling is about connecting key origins such as residential areas with key destinations such as employment, education and sport or recreation areas via quality bicycle lanes and paths. Cycle education and promotion aims to increase the safe use of these facilities.

Providing quality cycle facilities increases bicycle use and leads to many local, state and national benefits including: improving the health and wellbeing of communities, reducing congestion, improving the environment and contributing to the local economy. Cities that provide for cycling have better amenity, are cleaner and are more desirable places to live than cities built around the motor vehicle.

Providing for cycling in Geelong aligns with numerous national, state and local policies including the Geelong Transport Strategy, Municipal Strategic Statement and the Australian National Cycling Strategy.

The Greater Geelong Cycle Strategy has been developed through consultation with the Geelong community and various stakeholders. Consultation included a questionnaire which generated over 650 responses, a public workshop attended by over 70 people, surveys completed by over 50% of Geelong schools, two bike rides undertaken with Councillors, Council officers and cyclists and 15 one-on-one meetings with numerous agencies and departments.

It is clear that many Geelong residents are passionate about seeing quality cycle infrastructure and increased support for cycling in Geelong.

The cycle strategy recognises that Geelong is well placed to evolve as a cycling city.

The strategy’s vision for the future of Geelong includes increasing the network of on and off road paths and connecting these paths, creating a cycle friendly Central Geelong and cycle friendly schools and workplaces throughout the municipality, as well as maximising opportunities to increase cycle tourism and attract cyclists to the City.

Page last updated: Monday, 28 February 2022