Lara Hall

The Lara Hall is home to the Lara Senior Citizens Club and also contains a community hall for hire.

In addition to the Senior Citizens Club, there is also a playgroup, karate, calisthenics and other community activities which take place at the Lara Hall.


About Lara Hall...

First built in 1886 for the Lara Hall Company the original structure was replaced by the existing timber building in 1922. 

In 1927, roller skating was held in the hall but lasted only a few months.

Dancing was the greatest entertainment for most people from the 1920s to the 1950s and dances were held every Saturday night. Many halls of the time were competing with one another for dancers and would try various methods to attract dancers, including free buses from Geelong. As many as six buses could be seen at the Lara Hall on a busy Saturday night.

In 1948, the Lara Development Association (successor to the Progress Association) was formed. The main reason for the formation was to raise funds to pay the Lara Hall Company a weekly rent to keep the Hall open for local entertainment. There was reason for concern as the Company had received an offer from another company to produce shirts. The Association was successful in keeping the Hall open in 1956.

As the Shire of Corio had moved from Lara to Osborne House in North Geelong, it saw need for a public hall in Lara as the old shire hall was now home to the Lara RSL. Consequently, the Shire purchased all the shares in the Lara Hall Company, including the Hall itself.

During the 1950s there were picture shows every Friday night for a couple of years and there is also records of badminton being played there during the 1960s.

In 1975, the Lara Senior Citizens Club was formed and a seniors room was built adjoining the building.

From 2015-2017, the kitchen underwent a significant renovation, new toilets were installed and the car park was sealed for the first time.

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