Custom Neon

Saturday, 1 August 2020

Despite the impact to businesses due to COVID-19, Custom Neon founders Jake and Jess Munday are dedicated to growing their company and brand.

Eager to get ahead of the curve, the Newtown based company took the initiative and escalated their advertising to target corporate and business sales. And it looks like the risk paid off, resulting in record sales figures for the company who have grown the business by 50 per cent since February.

Since then, Custom Neon has been selling more than 200 signs per week despite losing their initial market of wedding and events sales.

Since launching the business in 2018 in Geelong, they now have a team of 20+ and also operate in the UK and USA.

Check out how Custom Neon can light up your life.

Custom Neon
Tel: 1800 725 574

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