Design note 3 - Submission requirements for MUSIC modelling

Specific submission requirements should be discussed with  the City with the following list to be used as a guide.

Concept design

  • Summary of MUSIC modelling (or alternative method or models), including:
    • version of MUSIC
    • meteorological data used
    • map outlining catchment areas and direction of flows
    • calculations and justification for choice of source node impervious percentage
    • any routing used and calculations
    • treatment node parameters
    • any modelling parameters that are not in accordance with this document and Melbourne Water’s MUSIC Modelling Guidelines with justification for variations
    • pollutant removal results
  • A copy of the MUSIC model
  • A report from the MUSIC Auditor tool
  • Drawings of the treatment system, including placements, which match the model.

Functional/detail design

All of the above and the following:

  • A description of the updated MUSIC model, including matching:
    • the inlet pond volume in MUSIC to the sediment pond volume shown on plans (from halfway up the sediment accumulation zone).
    • the permanent pool volume to the proposed bathymetry (using the user defined stage-storage relationship).
    • the high flow bypass configuration to the design.
    • the extended detention controlled outlet configuration to the design (using the user defined stage-storage relationship).
  • An inundation frequency analysis of water levels in the macrophyte zone and the 90th percentile residence time in the macrophyte zone (Report form Wetland Analysis Tool or equivalent).

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