Design note 3 - MUSIC Auditor and Wetland Analysis Tool

The MUSIC auditor is a tool that has been developed for  checking the parameter inputs to MUSIC models to ensure they comply with  relevant guidelines and are within expected or reasonable ranges. 

The MUSIC Auditor is intended for use by suitably experienced professionals with an understanding of WSUD and the MUSIC software.

The MUSIC Auditor is free for anyone to use within Melbourne Water's area of responsibility and the City of Greater Geelong and can be accessed online.

The Wetland Analysis Tool can also be accessed from the MUSIC Auditor website.

The Wetland Analysis Tool allows the proposed design and inundation patterns of a wetland to be assessed to ensure they meet minimum requirements so that the wetland is likely to be able to sustain healthy plants. This includes assessment of:

  • Water levels exceeded 20% of the time relative to plants heights.
  • Water level exceeded 50% of the time establishing the effective water level.
  • The frequency and duration of spells where the wetland is at a significant depth may put plants at risk.
  • The residence time of the wetland is equal to or greater than 72 hours to ensure adequate time for treatment of nitrogen – this replaces the notional detention time for wetlands using a custom stage-storage-discharge relationship.

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