Design note 3 - Introduction

This document sets out the preferred approach for MUSIC  modelling with the City of Greater Geelong (the City). 
It provides information for developers, consultants and reviewers on the use of the MUSIC software. This includes appropriate climate data and input parameters to adopt for stormwater treatment and reuse systems within the City. Specific submission requirements are provided in Chapter 18 of this document.


This document provides location specific information, advice and parameters for the City, and references the MUSIC Guidelines: Input parameters and modelling approaches for MUSIC users in Melbourne Water’s service area, published online by Melbourne Water in 2018 (as revised). The chapters are structured to align with the Melbourne Water document for consistency and ease of use.

These MUSIC guidelines were developed by the City in consultation with E2Designlab.

Purpose of document

This document provides guidance on modelling approaches and input parameters for MUSIC models that are submitted to the City. The MUSIC user manual is also useful for building a model and can be accessed from the eWater website or from MUSIC.

Users are expected to have an understanding of water sensitive urban design (WSUD) principles, along with knowledge and training in the use of the MUSIC software.

This document is a modelling guideline, and should be read in conjunction with appropriate design guidelines (as updated) including:

  1. WSUD Engineering Procedures: Stormwater (Melbourne Water, 2005)
  2. Melbourne Water Constructed Wetlands Design Manual (Melbourne Water, 2017)
  3. Draft Design Guide – Bioretention systems in Melbourne Water Development Services Schemes (Melbourne Water, 2019)
  4. Infrastructure Design Manual (IDM, 2018)
  5. Adoption Guidelines for Stormwater Biofiltration Systems (CRCWSC, 2015)

MUSIC helps in understanding potential stormwater pollutant removal for WSUD infrastructure designs, but this needs to be supported with confirmation of other design aspects as outlined in the above documents. MUSIC is not suitable for validating drainage design. Other requirements are outlined in the above documents.

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