Design Notes

Design Notes is a series of technical papers with advice on design issues relating to infrastructure design within our municipality.

While the primary source of design information remains the Infrastructure Design Manual, these bulletins provide additional information and advice about the design of land development projects within the City of Greater Geelong.

We recommend developers and consultants make themselves aware of this information so that projects progress as quickly as possible. Members of the Subdivision Design Notes Group are emailed notices of any updates to the IDM or the Design Notes. Interested parties can request to be a member of this group by using the Feedback area below.

Our staff are available to developers and consultants to provide assistance when compiling your documentation to meet the standards.

Note Date issued Title IDM Section(s)
1 July 2020 Water Sensitive Urban Design -
2 August 2012 Stormwater detention storage sizing methods 16.4, 16.7, 16.17, 18.4, 19
3 Revised November 2019 MUSIC – Modelling Approach and Parameters 16.7, 20
4 August 2012 Vehicle Crossings 12.9.1, SD240, SD245
5 Revised August 2017 Administrative Issues 6.2, 7.4-7.8, 12.3.2, 20.2
6 Revised March 2016 Easements in Subdivisions  
7 February 2013 Advice to Contractors 7, 8
8 Revised January 2020 Stormwater drainage inspections using CCTV cameras 7, Appendix E
9 Revised December 2021 Minor bridges, viewing platforms and boardwalks  
10 October 2016 Service Authority Cabinets  
11 Revised December 2021 Tactile Ground Surface Indicators  
 12 November 2020  Standards for the Quality and Finish of Concrete Infrastructure   
13 September 2017 Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic Pit Lids  

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