Civil Engineering Standard Drawings

We provide our Civil Engineering Standard Drawings to be viewed or downloaded for contractor use.

Please refer to the Infrastructure Design Manual before using these drawings. The City of Greater Geelong has also produced several Design Notes which provide additional information and amended requirements to the IDM Standard Drawings.  It is recommended to read the Design Notes prior to downloading any standard drawings.

All the drawings are published on this site in Adobe PDF format. These files can be opened, viewed and printed by anyone with Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or later.

It will be a contractor's responsibility to obtain and maintain up-to-date copies of the standard drawings.

These Standard Drawings and Design Notes will be updated from time to time as required, without prior notice. It will be the responsibility of interested parties to regularly check this update history and download any revised standard drawings to keep their master copies of these documents current.

We will not be responsible for any loss or penalty incurred by any party who has failed to maintain up to date copies of these documents.

Note:  The Civil Engineering (Standard) Drawings that are shaded grey in this table have been superceded and should no longer be used. Using the link will take you to the Infrastructure Design Manual webpage and the current applicable Standard Drawings.

Drawing number Description
  Design Notes
  Cover and Index
  Standard Drawings 100 - 700
100 Trenching
CGG101 Stormwater pipe trench details in road reserve see IDM SD 310
CGG102 Stormwater pipe trench details in easements and reserves see IDM sd 310
200 Pipes and Earthen Drains
CGG201 90mm dia subsurface drain at existing / new kerb and channel see IDM 145
CGG202 Fin type subsurface drain at existing / new kerb and channel
CGG203 Catch drain details see IDM SD 500
CGG204 House drain to kerb and channel see IDM SD 505
CGG205 Street drain connection see IDM SD 515
CGG206 Easement drain connection see IDM SD 520
CGG207 Anchor and seepage block see IDM SD535
300 Pits and Drainage Structures
CGG301 Pit dimensioning and setting out detail see IDM SD 400
CGG302 Unhaunched pits (450 dia max pipe) see IDM SD 405
CGG303 Haunched pits see IDM SD 410
CGG304 Min wall thickness for reinforcement in mass concrete pits (cast in-situ) see IDM SD415
CGG305 Step irons
CGG306 Junction pit in road reserve / municipal reserve see IDM SD 420
CGG307 Grate pit in road reserve see IDM SD 420
CGG308 Junction pit with concrete cover (non trafficable areas) see IDM SD 425
CGG309 Side entry pit - 0.9m inlet with cast iron cover and concrete surround for 'B2' see IDM SD 430
CGG310 Side entry pit - 0.9m inlet with cast iron cover and concrete surround for ‘SM2' see IDM SD 435
CGG311 Side entry pit - 0.9m inlet with cast iron cover and concrete surround for ‘FM4'
CGG312 Dual side entry pit 1.9m inlet with cast iron cover and concrete surround for ‘B2' see IDM SD 445
CGG313 Dual side entry pit 1.9m inlet with cast iron cover and concrete surround for ‘SM2' see IDM SD 450
CGG314 Depressed grated pit see IDM SD 455
CGG315 Inlet catch pit see IDM SD 460
CGG316 Reinforced concrete wing wall (in-situ) see IDM SD 465
CGG317 Concrete endwall see IDM SD 470
CGG318 Grated side entry pit - 0.9m inlet with concrete surround for ‘B2' see IDM SD 475
400 Kerbs
CGG401 ‘B1' Barrier kerb only see IDM SD 100
CGG402 ‘B2' Barrier kerb and channel see IDM SD 100
CGG403 ‘B3' Barrier kerb and tray see IDM SD 100
CGG404 Layback for ‘B2' and ‘B3' Kerbing see IDM SD 120
CGG405 ‘SM1' Semi-mountable kerb only see IDM SD 100
CGG406 ‘SM2' Semi-mountable kerb and channel see IDM SD 100
CGG407 ‘SM3' Semi-mountable kerb and tray see IDM SD 100
CGG408 Layback for ‘SM2' and ‘SM3' kerbing
CGG409 ‘FM1' Fully mountable kerb only
CGG410 ‘FM2' Fully mountable kerb and channel
CGG411 ‘FM3' Fully mountable kerb and tray
CGG412 ‘FM4' Fully mountable kerb, channel and side entry pit detail for ‘FM4'
CGG413 ‘FM5' Fully mountable kerb and channel industrial area
CGG414 Concrete edge strip see IDM SD 100
CGG415 Open invert drain see IDM SD 100
CGG416 Bluestone kerb and concrete channel (major works)
CGG417 Bluestone kerb and channel (minor works)
CGG418 Reconstructed kerb and channel see IDM SD 145
500 Typical Road Cross Sections
CGG501 Road hierarchy table
CGG502 Residential and industrial road works see IDM SD605
CGG503 Rural road works see IDM SD 610
600 Pavements
CGG601 Vehicle crossing - residential see IDM SD240
CGG602 Vehicle crossing - commercial / industrial see IDM SD 250
CGG603 Vehicle crossing - rural see IDM SD 255
CGG604 Residential footpath treatment at street intersections see IDM SD 200
CGG605 Concrete footpath see IDM SD 205
CGG606 Footpath expansion joint see IDM SD 210
CGG607 Pedestrian crossings in paved areas see IDM SD 200
CGG608 Vehicle crossings bluestone kerb and channel
CGG609 Pedestrian crossing bluestone kerb and channel
CGG610 Reinforced pavement jointing layout
CGG611 Reinforced concrete pavement longitudinal joint see IDM SD210 & 215
CGG612 Reinforced concrete pavement transverse construction joint see IDM SD 210
CGG613 Reinforced concrete pavement transverse contraction joint see IDM SD 225
CGG614 Reinforced concrete pavement isolation joint see IDM SD220
CGG615 Reinforced concrete pavement sealant details see IDM SD 215
CGG616 Reinforced concrete pavement expansion joint see IDM SD  210&215
CGG617 Reinforced concrete pavement edge thickening
CGG618 Reinforced concrete pavement future construction joint see IDM SD 225
CGG619 Reinforced concrete pavement sawn contraction joint see IDM SD 225
700 Miscellaneous
CGG701 Timber bollard
CGG702 Swing gate entry (Layout)
CGG703 Swing gate entry (Detail)
CGG704 Standard urban bus stop layout dimensions
CGG705 Timber edge strip landscaped areas
CGG706 Timber sleeper retaining wall
CGG707 Fire hydrant markers
CGG708 Timber post and steel rail fence
CGG709 Timber post and rail fence
CGG710 Sign Post
CGG711 Bus shelter structural details
CGG712 Bus shelter layout details

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The information provided in each of the drawings sets out guidelines for the selection of design standards and practices for construction works.

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