Geelong West Soldiers' Memorial

The memorial is a shrine to remember the fallen. 

Geelong West Town Hall, 1935
Picture: Geelong West Town Hall and Soldiers' Memorial, 1935.


The Geelong West War Memorial was built in memory of those who served in WW1 1914 -1918. It was unveiled by the Governor, Lord Somers on the 18th September 1927.

Originally, the memorial was set on a series of steps, located within an unencumbered forecourt. Throughout the 20th century,  the steps were replaced with a bluestone base, and the forecourt was altered with new paving and garden beds. These changes are considered to have dimished the setting and integrity of the monument and have reduced (to some degree) its importance as a visual focus in the forecourt.

The forecourt restoration in 2013 included the reconstruction of the stepped based of the monument in off-white concrete construction to the same dimensions as the original plan, and to simulate the original appearance.

Architect: Norris

The Geelong West Town Hall in its current form and position was opened in 1924.


Geelong West Soldiers' Memorial Unveiled, 1927
Geelong West Soldiers' Memorial Unveiled, 1927

>Geelong West Town Hall, Pakington Street, 1975
Geelong West Town Hall, Pakington Street, 1975

Images courtesy: Geelong Heritage Centre image library

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