Geelong Heritage Advisory Committee

We have established a Heritage Advisory Committee.

The Heritage Advisory Committee has community members from local heritage or community groups and four individual representatives with heritage interests or knowledge.

The role of the Heritage Advisory Committee is to:

  • celebrate and promote awareness of cultural heritage within the municipality
  • provide advice on marketing and promotion opportunities for heritage within the municipality
  • provide advice and recommendations to Council on the documentation, interpretation, management and conservation of history and heritage, including places, objects, collections, in the municipality
  • make recommendations to Council about further work required to identify, document, protect, conserve and promote the heritage of the municipality
  • provide recommendations for nominations of places to local, state or national heritage registers
  • advocate in a professional manner on behalf of the community and celebrate the community's history and heritage
  • assist Council in sourcing external funding or sponsorship opportunities to undertake heritage identification, conservation, promotion, management and education.

Heritage Advisory Committee appointment period

Members are appointed for a period of two years.


The Committee will meet a minimum four time per year (quarterly), outside business hours (evening) at council offices in central Geelong.

Reporting to Council

A report outlining the main topics discussed is prepared after each meeting and reported to council.

Terms of reference

The committee is bound by the terms of reference below.

Need to know more...

For enquiries contact David Scott on 03 52724325 or email

Page last updated: Wednesday, 23 December 2020