Minor low interest heritage loan program - applicant guidelines

We operate the Minor Low Interest Heritage Loan program.

Owners of heritage places can apply for loans of $1,000 - $10,000 to be repaid over not more than 4 years at an interest rate of 1.5 percent per annum, for the purpose of undertaking approved works to their properties.

Our Urban Design & Heritage Unit is the point of contact for potential applicants. Our officers consult with and advise applicants to the fund, assess their applications and report on applications to the Manager Urban Design and Heritage, who will make the final decision on the application.

The application process has two stages. Initially, the applicant should fill in the application form, including all information described below. The object of this preliminary application will be to describe the project in sufficient detail for its eligibility for funding to be assessed. If the project is found to be eligible, we will notify the applicant that the second stage of the application can proceed.

At this stage, we will require more detailed documentation from the applicant, as outlined below. Alternatively, if the City is of the view that the applicant adheres to the guideline, a completed application form and details can be submitted.

The preliminary application

The Minor Low Interest Heritage Loan Application Form is divided according to the headings below. The following information is required under those headings when making your initial application to the Fund.

Brief description of project

  • Describe the overall project of works being proposed to your property
  • Clearly outline the scope of conservation repairs or community-benefit works for which funds are being sought
  • Describe any other building work that is to be undertaken on the site - eg: alterations or additions to improve amenity.

Description of the site

Heritage Places in a planning scheme overlay: identify the Victorian and National Trust Registers

Project documentation

  • Include copies of documentary evidence, such as old photographs or descriptions, upon which the restoration work will be based
  • Include descriptions or photographs of any physical (on-site) evidence upon which the restoration work will be based
  • Include any architectural reports or drawing that have been prepared to date for the project and approved
  • State who will prepare the detailed documentation for the works.

Why fund assistance is needed for this project

  • Explaining the financial need for funding assistance
  • Outline the urgency of the works
  • Outline the potential community benefits of the project – such as the preservation of an historically or architecturally significant structure, or increasing the public awareness of heritage matter
  • Attach to the Application Form any additional information that you believe to be relevant.

When the applicant has been notified by Council that the project is eligible, the Committee may require the following documents and information to be submitted before the application can be processed:

  • A copy of the Certificate of Title or last conveyance of the property
  • A personal guarantee from a nominated person supplied by the applicant to underwrite the loan to the satisfaction of the committee
  • A full set of the architectural drawings and specifications that explain the intended finished appearance, the dimensions and materials, and the standards and techniques to be applied in the works. Where missing elements are to be retained, fully annotated and dimensioned large-scale drawings will be required to explain the intended appearance of those elements. Where elements are to be built to match details existing elsewhere on the same buildings, this can be noted on drawings, and a clear photograph of the existing element submitted with the application on the drawing, and a clear photograph of the existing element submitted with the application
  • Details on firm estimates/quotes for each of the specified works.

If the following information is not available at the time of application, copies will be required by the Fund Advisor as soon as they come to hand. Loan funding cannot be released without the following:

  • A copy of the Planning Permit, when granted (if required)
  • A copy of the Building Approval, when granted (if required)
  • Details of the contractors, specialists trades and suppliers who will supply and execute the works
  • Details of firm quotes for works, or where building contract is being entered into, the agreed contract sum
  • A copy of some form of security as may be required by Council as security for repayments of amounts owing to the fund.

If approval is granted by Council, monies will not be released until the specified works have been completed, the invoice submitted and then checked by Council. It is preferable that all invoices lodged with Council are dated at the end of the month to be paid the following month. Allowance shall be made for checking of building works by Council.

No works sought under the loan shall be commenced without the prior approval of Council and shall conform strictly in accordance with the loan agreement.

Additional information concerning the Fund is available from Urban Design & Heritage on 03 5272 4385  or by appointment at 100 Brougham Street, Geelong.

Page last updated: Monday, 13 December 2021