Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan 2018-2021

Our Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan 2018–2021 (the Health and Wellbeing Plan) aligns with the Council Plan - Putting Our Community First 2018–2022. It is informed by analysis of international, national, state and regional policies, population and health data and the views of partners and community.

A comprehensive summary of this analysis can be found in the attached companion document to this Health and Wellbeing Plan – Demographics and Health Profile Background Document.

Our goals for 2018–2021

Based on our policy, data, partner and community involvement, we have identified the following goals:

  1. Supporting Social Connection to Improve Mental Health
  2. Increasing Participation in Physical Activity
  3. Improving Access to Safe and Healthy Local Environments, Services and Food
  4. Increasing Community Safety and Preventing Violence and Injury.

Our strategies align to these goals and include measurable actions that will deliver:

  • people-centred impacts: putting people, families and communities at the centre of our efforts
  • place-based impacts: designing and delivering healthy places where people live, learn, work and play and
  • healthy and sustainable environments: reflecting the connection between health and liveable neighbourhoods.

We will review our Health and Wellbeing Plan annually to ensure that our strategies remain relevant to:

  • emerging information on social and health equity outcomes
  • effective partnerships and engagement with priority population groups and places, aimed at fully understanding the needs and obstacles experienced in accessing services and facilities and
  • the needs and obstacles faced by priority population groups and places when planning services, infrastructure and communication.

Page last updated: Monday, 5 July 2021