Seated exercises

Pull up a chair! Seated exercise is a great way to loosen and stretch muscles, improve circulation, and lower blood pressure, whilst building strength and balance.

Regular exercise also releases endorphins, chemicals in our brain that help us feel happy during and after exercise. This helps to boost your self-esteem, relieve stress and reduce depression and anxiety. Get the whole house feeling better with these seated exercises that suit a range of ages and mobility levels. [1]

Spirit fingers

Put your hands in front of your body and wiggle your fingers for ten seconds. This movement can help to keep the joints in your hands and fingers mobile.

Spirit toes

Wiggle your toes for ten seconds. This movement improves coordination and mobility, keeping your joints in good health.

Try repeating spirit fingers and spirit toes in between each of the following exercises

Chin pointers

Touch your chin to your chest (or as close as you can get). Hold the position for ten seconds and release. Repeat five times. This movement stretches and relaxes your neck and upper back, relieving tension headaches and neck pain.

Chin to shoulders

Slowly move your head to the left and bring your chin as close as you can to line up with your left shoulder. Hold for three seconds then repeat on the right side. Do this five times on each side. This movement also relieves tension headaches and neck pain.

Shoulder circles

Place your hands on your lap and roll your shoulders back slowly five times. Then, roll your shoulders forwards five times. This movement promotes strength and exercises muscles that you might not use very often.

Punching bag

Imagine a punching bag in front of you. See how many times you can punch it! Next time you work through these exercises, see if you can punch the bag five more times than your last record. This movement is a good way to challenge yourself and build upper body strength.


Place your hands in front of you. Bend your wrists downwards and then upwards, down and then up. Repeat five to ten times. This movement helps to promote wrist strength and flexibility.


While seated, march your legs up and down for 15 seconds by lifting one knee and then the other. See how high you can lift your knees. This movement increases your heart rate and helps build strength and endurance in your leg muscles.

Toes up

Place your feet flat on the floor and lift your toes to the sky for three to five seconds. Repeat five to ten times. This movement stretches muscles, tendons and ligaments in your calves and ankles to improve stiffness and mobility.

Cool down

Close your eyes and take some deep breaths. Breathe in for three seconds, out for three seconds. Repeat five times.

[1] Soar Life Products. (2016) 10 Fun chair exercises those with limited mobility can do and love (accessed on 5 May 2020).

Page last updated: Wednesday, 18 May 2022