Physical activity

Being physically active is essential for your physical and mental health and wellbeing.

When you’re spending a lot of time at home, you might be tempted to spend most of the day sitting or lying down and can’t always follow a good exercise routine.

Aim for a little more movement whenever, wherever and however you can every day.

Work out safely from home!

It's important to ensure your health and safety when you work out from home.

All exercise classes involve risks to health and safety, especially streaming video classes where an instructor cannot supervise your activity. Please ensure that your exercise space is safe and that you perform the exercises safely.

By streaming video classes, we are unable to supervise your participation and activity, or assess the suitability of these classes for you. Please ensure you undertake any exercise at your own pace and within your personal limitations, and also ensure that your exercise space is safe.

If you undertake a video exercise class, you do so at your own risk and hold yourself responsible for any loss or damage you might suffer from your participation in the video class.

By watching the pre-recorded exercise class, you agree to the above terms.

Sport & Leisure at home for free

Our Swim Sport & Leisure team is helping to keep the community healthy and active by providing at-home workouts and challenges for free.

Webstar's Swim School online at home

Free content for swim school students to do at home, covering swimming and water safety classroom activities to help meet the Victorian Curriculum criteria, fun activities, quizzes, puzzles and much more.

This Girl Can 

This Girl Can - Victoria has some helpful tips for supporting women to feel good by staying active at home. Visit This Girl Can - Victoria or follow them on Facebook and Instagram. Why not try an at-home Bollywood Dance Class with ambassador, Sana?

Mini Movers from Leisure Networks

Mini Movers is heading online! Keep kids moving with interactive videos, games and challenges as well as ideas, information and advice for parents and guardians.

Workout with the Geelong Cats

Join the Geelong Cats for home workout or head out into the backyard to practice your skills with their top tips.

Wellah Workout Series

Getting active each day is important for looking after your physical, mental and spiritual health. It allows you to get outside and connect to Country, the land.

Join the Wellah team from Aboriginal owned and led social enterprise, Spark Health, for equipment-free workouts adapted to a wide range of fitness and mobility levels. 

Stay active with Disability Sports Australia

Disability Sports Australia have compiled a list of new and innovative ways for people living with a disability or limited mobility to keep active at home.

Exercise Right

Learn how to exercise right for your specific needs with these home workouts videos created by accredited exercise professionals. You'll find collections for active ageing, pregnancy, kids and more. 

Safe Exercise at Home

The Safe Exercise at Home website, developed by Australian physiotherapists, provides information about physical activity and exercise for older people. 

How to stay active at home

Exercise is an easy and free way to boost your physical and mental health. There are lots of great ways to workout at home.

Seated exercises 

Pull up a chair! Seated exercise is a great way to loosen and stretch muscles, improve circulation, and lower blood pressure, whilst building strength and balance. These seated exercises suit a range of ages and mobility levels.

Incidental activity

Increasing your daily activity can come from small movements around the house that build up throughout the day. 

Translated information

Information about physical activity in Arabic, Dari, Karen, Tamil and Swahili, and plain English.

Page last updated: Tuesday, 12 April 2022