Your green waste bin

Find out what can go in your green waste bin.

Items that can go in your green lid bin

pile of green grass clippings
two small logs placed in a horizontal position
Grass clippings and weeds*
(free of soil)
Small logs and raw timber off-cuts
(each piece of timber should be no larger than 10cm x 30cm)
pile of dried brown leaves
leaf cuttings
Leaves Garden prunings
(including rose clippings)
  • Keep plastic bags and other non garden material out of your garden bin.

Disposal of noxious weeds

*Noxious weeds can be placed in your green waste bin.

Green waste undergoes a pasteurisation process, where it is heated to high temperatures to ensure the seeds can not germinate.


Put your green waste bin out for collection every fortnight. See collection calendar.

Your bin should not exceed 70 kilograms in weight.

Processing green waste

Each year we collect around 32,000 tonnes of green waste through our kerbside collection. We do not sell green waste collected at our resource recovery centres or via the kerbside collection. The City pays for the processing of this material, which is composted for farming use.

The costs associated with this process include - removing all non garden material, mulching, transportation and gate fees at other sites. Even with processing, the value of the product is less than the cost of getting it to market.

At present, this process presents the best option for diverting green waste from landfill.

Page last updated: Wednesday, 11 April 2018