Letters of Support

The City recognises the important roles that community groups, not for profit organisations and service providers perform in achieving our Clever and Creative Vision.

The City is happy to provide letters of support in certain circumstances where the project aligns with Council’s Community Plan, policies and strategies.

Requests need to be made with a minimum two weeks’ notice to allow for processing and any consultation needed.

Please note: the City cannot provide a letter of support if the request:

  • does not align with Council policies, strategies or plans
  • is for a grant being administered by the City or
  • is for a project with an expectation of ongoing commitment by the City that hasn't been agreed or a co-funding expectation for which there is no financial provision.

Requests for letters of support should be made to [email protected] and should include contact information, a summary of the project and the amount being applied for, the name of the fund being applied for and any other relevant details.

Page last updated: Thursday, 9 December 2021