COVID-19 Business Recovery Grants

Our COVID-19 business recovery grant program is designed to help business affected by COVID-19 innovate, adapt and bounce back.

The purpose of these grants is to support local businesses recovering from COVID-19 restrictions, helping them to re-establish their operations, invest in their business and develop new services and ways of working and adapt to the post-COVID-19 economy. 


Applications now closed.

Round 1: applications closed on 30 November 2020

Round 2:  applications closed on 15 February 2021

View the list of allocations below

Category What will be funded Maximum funding per applicant
(excluding GST)
Level 1 Sole traders and businesses with up to 20 employees* $5,000
Level 2 Businesses with 21-50 employees* $10,000
Level 3 Local business and industry incorporated associations that meet the eligibility criteria $5,000

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Need to know more...

Please refer to our grants and funding page to find out more about our other community grant programs.

For further information please contact our grants team on [email protected] or phone 03 5272 4736 or 03 5272 5039.

Page last updated: Monday, 26 April 2021