Creative Communities Grant Program

The program has two main streams, Arts Projects and Festival-Arts Grants. In addition two minor streams are available for limited times outside the main annual grant rounds.

Creative Communities - Professional Development stream *for individuals (open now)

Do you want to attend an arts, culture or heritage Professional Development opportunity, but are struggling to afford it?

Grants of up to $2,500 are available to support individuals to attend selected professional and skill development opportunities. Conditions apply (see guidelines below). Applicants must be a permanent resident of the Greater Geelong municipality and provide at least three arts/heritage industry letters of support for their participation.

Applications are now open and close at 5:00pm on Friday 21 May 2021


Creative Communities - Rapid Response stream *for groups only  (open now)

Grants of up to $5,000 to support urgent arts, culture and heritage projects whose timelines prevent the applicant from applying within the main Creative Communities Grants round. (conditions apply - see guidelines)

The Creative Communities Rapid Response grants support ‘urgent’ arts projects requiring up to $5,000 whose timelines prevent the Applicant from applying within the major Creative Communities (Arts projects and Festivals) application period.

Applicants must provide a legitimate reason as to why the application could not take place within the timelines of the major annual funding round, and why funding is necessary at short notice (for example: creation of an arts program to support an environmental disaster relief effort).

Applications are now open and close at 5:00pm on Friday 21 May 2021
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  • Creative Communities - Arts Project grants

    Applications for Community Arts Grants opening again in June 2021.

    The program aims to support the initiation, development and delivery of quality arts, culture or heritage projects, enriching the cultural fabric of the Geelong region and maximising community participation in local arts activity.

    This stream includes suite of grants for arts projects initiated and managed by not-for-profit, incorporated organisations, a Biennial option is available (when rounds are open) for large projects that exceed the scope of a single year and one grant available to individuals for professional development.

    Creative Communities - Festival Arts grants

    Applications for Community Festivals Grants opening again in June 2021.

    This program aims to strengthen community festival arts culture and heritage activities across the municipality and in doing so, celebrate the diverse and unique communities within the City of Greater Geelong.

    Grants are available to groups (when round is open) seeking to develop small to moderate sized festivals which celebrate local or community identity, provide a diverse range of arts activities in accessible locations, and enrich the cultural life of the Geelong community.

    Please refer to our grants and funding page to find out more about our other community grant programs.

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