Central Geelong Heritage Grants

Central Geelong Heritage grants are to support the undertaking of restoration works to eligible commercial heritage buildings in Central Geelong.

The program has a key focus on heritage restoration projects which have been identified through heritage studies and/or evidence to support their restoration, and will benefit the commercial streetscapes in Central Geelong. 

Please see further details about eligibility requirements in the grant guidelines (the guidelines on this site relate to the rounds that are now closed - updated guidelines will be available soon). 

Community groups and organisations across Greater Geelong will have a chance to apply for funding under an expanded 2020-2021 Community Grants program.

Applications for Central Geelong Heritage grants will open on 17 July 2020. Three categories will be available to choose from as follows:

  1. Strategic Projects - Up to 70% of eligible project costs up to a max grant of $70,000 per property
    For heritage restoration projects proposing to provide:
    • reinstatement of a historic verandah
    • removal of introduced/non-heritage elements (that is: external paintwork, cladding, and the like) and
    • façade reconstruction works.
    As recommended by the Geelong Verandah Study (2006)[1].
  2. General Projects - Up to 50 percent of eligible project costs up to a max grant of $30,000 per property
    All other heritage restoration projects in Central Geelong which meet the eligibility criteria.
  3. Project Feasibility and Investigation - Up to 100 percent of the eligible project costs up to a max grant of $10,000 per property
    Costs associated with engaging appropriate consultants and/or practitioners to provide technical investigations, planning, project scoping and feasibility for future eligible heritage restoration projects.

Please refer to our grants and funding page to find out more about our other community grant programs.

For further information please contact our grants team at [email protected] or phone 03 5272 4736 or 03 5272 5039.

Please note that the grant information and guideline documents available on this page are for reference only as they relate to previous grant rounds.  These documents will be updated soon along with access to the online application form.

Page last updated: Tuesday, 7 July 2020