Report graffiti issues

You can report graffiti issues on a variety of properties.

To enquire about graffiti on private property or to report graffiti on:

  • Council buildings
  • playground equipment
  • public barbeques
  • public seating
  • reserve fencing
  • signage

Ways to report 

  1. Via the Australian Graffiti Register(VICGR) -  download the VICGR app on either IOS or Android (note: this is our preferred graffiti reporting application as some information sent by other generic reporting apps is not always received by the City)
  2. call our Graffiti Hotline on 03 5272 4319 or
  3. email us at [email protected] or 
  4. submit online: request graffiti removal from Council properties.

Private property

If graffiti is on your private property report to Victoria Police by:

Page last updated: Friday, 29 October 2021