Recreation Reserve Advertising Signage Policy

Recreation Reserve Advertising Signage Policy Document No:   CPL285.5
Approval Date:   22 April 2014 
Approved By:  Council 
Review Date:  22 April 2017
Responsible Officer:  General Manager, Projects, Recreation and Central Geelong Version No:   02
Authorising Officer:   Chief Executive Officer 

1. Purpose

To establish guidelines for approval of advertising and sponsorship signage at Council sporting reserves that ensure:

  • Signage installation is of an acceptable and safe standard.
  • Installation is in line with adopted policies.
  • Consistency in approvals to community groups displaying their sponsors advertising signs.
  • Clubs are not denied the opportunity to derive a reasonable income from reserve signage.
  • Facilities continue to be accessible and safe for use by all sections of the community.
  • The visual amenity of sporting reserves and open space is maintained.

2. Scope

The policy relates to all Council owned and managed reserves and associated facilities including sports grounds, pavilions, toilets, buildings and club infrastructure (including scoreboards, coaches boxes and fencing) . The zoning designation of these areas is Public Park and Recreation Zone (PPRZ). The policy excludes the sports stadium at Kardinia Park.

3. References

Greater Geelong Planning Scheme - 52.05 Advertising Signs

4. Definitions


5. Council Policy

The City of Greater Geelong, as an Asset Manager of public reserves, has the responsibility to ensure that there is a consistent approach to signage and to ensure that signage is safely erected, maintained and does not detract from the visual amenity of the reserve.

Signs will be permitted when they conform to the criteria set out in this Policy in addition to the Greater Geelong Planning Scheme.

5.1. Criteria for Signs

  • Written permission is to be received from Council’s Recreation and Open Space Department prior to seeking approval from Council’s Statutory Planning Department for the installation of any form of signage at a Council owned or managed reserve.
  • Where a reserve is on Crown Land, permission must also be sought from the Department of Sustainability & Environment. The City will refer such requests where required.
  • Freestanding signs for sponsor advertising will not be permitted except where there is no oval fencing or extenuating circumstances can be demonstrated.
  • For sports ovals signage placed on oval fencing must not cover more than 50% of the internal circumference and must have a three metre gap every 20 metres to allow access to the oval by passive users of the reserve. Signage on the external circumference of the fence will only be allowed directly in front of social facilities and must not be visible beyond the reserve.
  • Signage on coaches' boxes or player shelters will be permitted provided it does not cover more than 25% of the internal surface of the shelter and must not be visible beyond the reserve.
  • Signage on scoreboards will be permitted provided it does not detract from the main purpose of the structure nor cover more than 25% of the surface of the scoreboard and must not be visible beyond the reserve.
  • Signage on cricket practice nets is limited to two (2) signs per net being no greater than 1 metre x 1 metre per sign. Consideration must be given to the practice net footings as signage increases the wind loading on the fencing.
  • For tennis, netball and other fenced court facilities, signage should face inwards towards the playing area. Signage should be installed so that top edge of the signage is less than 1.8 metres off the court surface. Signage on tennis court fencing is limited to two (2) signs per court being no greater than 1 metre x 1 metre per sign. Consideration must be given to the fence footings as signage increases the wind loading on the fencing.
  • Clubs must be able to remove all signs on request to deliver a clean venue for Council managed or controlled events.
  • Signs must not be painted directly onto the walls or the roof of any facility, building or structure on the reserve.
  • A copy of the layout (including colour scheme) and the wording of the proposed advertising sign is to be submitted as part of the approval process.
  • The signs must be appropriate for a public reserve and not in anyway be offensive or discriminate on grounds of race, gender or religion.
  • All signs must acknowledge the name of the club being sponsored.
  • Signs must be oriented to display inward to the reserve users and not positioned to be viewed by passing traffic or people beyond the reserve. Sporting clubs are not entitled to enter into commercial agreements to alter venue names or install signage pertaining to the naming of a reserve on a permanent basis.
  • Sports grounds may be temporarily renamed in connection with a sponsorship agreement under the conditions outlined in section 5.4 of this policy.

5.2. Planning Permits

PPRZ is considered a sensitive area under the planning scheme.

A permit is required for:

  • Business identification signage

A Planning Permit is not required when signage is:

  • Sited around the sports oval/court fencing (on the actual fence itself);
  • Orientated toward the playing field/court;
  • A sign publicising a local educational, cultural, political, religious, social or recreational event not held for commercial purposes.

5.3. Installation Conditions

  • A Building Permit from an appropriately qualified registered Building Practitioner is required for all freestanding signs on reserves (where approved).
  • Freestanding signs must be erected by an approved contractor.
  • Signs are considered assets of the Club and must be maintained and inspected by the club on a regular basis to ensure that they are fit for a public reserve and represent no danger to the public.
  • If the signs are considered unsafe, they will be removed at the club’s cost and the City will advise the club of its action. The relevant Council officer(s) will enter into discussions to be satisfied of safety issues prior to re-installing the signs.
  • Approval is given for a six-month period commencing from the first day of the sporting club’s season, ie, 1 October or 1 April each year. Requests for extensions to this timeline must be approved. This is to ensure that where a site is co-tenanted that the major season user is given first priority to siting of advertising/sponsorship boards.
  • Sponsorship signage agreements between clubs and their sponsors must be for the playing season only. This is to allow the seasonal user prime siting of their sponsors’ signage.
  • Where there is no shared sponsorship agreement between the seasonal tenants, signs must be taken down by the club at the end of the season, otherwise the City will arrange for removal and associated costs will be charged to the club.
  • Business location signs must not carry the logo of associated sponsors.

5.4. Temporary Renaming of Sports Grounds

Sporting clubs may apply for conditional approval to temporarily rename sports grounds on Council owned and/or managed reserves in connection with sponsorship naming rights on the following conditions:

  • Naming rights are limited to sports grounds only;
  • The naming rights sponsor should be the club’s top tier sponsor;
  • The term of the sponsorship is limited to the term of the club’s licence/lease agreement over the sports ground;
  • The proposed name of the sports ground should not be offensive or discriminatory in any way;
  • Funds raised are allocated to sports development or facility development, and are specifically not permitted to be allocated to player payments; 
  • All tenants that use the renamed sports ground during the period of the sponsorship share in the proceeds; 
  • The proposed sponsor is not associated with alcohol, cigarettes (including tobacco products) or gambling; 
  • The sports ground is only referred to by the approved ‘sponsored name’ in club, association, competition or league promotions and marketing only; 
  • Any signage installed must meet Councils Recreation Reserve Advertising Signage Policy and be approved by Council; and
  • The terms of the temporary renaming of a sports ground may be reviewed by Council at any time.

6. Quality Records

Quality Records shall be retained for at least the period shown below.

Name of Record Retained by/location Retention Period Location
Letter of approval Corporate Records Permanent Corporate Records
Building Permit (freestanding signs) Corporate Records Permanent Corporate Records
Planning Permit (where required) Corporate Records Permanent Corporate Records

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