Plaques and Memorials Policy

Plaques and Memorials Document No: CPL40.9.1
Approval Date: 12 November 2013
Approved By: Council
Review Date: 12 November 2016
Responsible Officer: General Manager Community Services Version No 01
Authorising Officer: Chief Executive Officer

1. Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to provide a framework for the installation of all plaques or memorials whether in or on buildings, on the pavement, in parks, gardens, streets or public places. All plaques or memorials installed within the City need to conform to this policy.

Some parks or other locations already contain plaques or memorials that predate this Policy. These markers can contribute to an understanding of significant events or persons closely associated with the area’s history. An existing memorial or plaque should not, however be taken as a precedent for future approvals.

Objectives in relation to plaques and memorials are to:

  • Minimise the incidence of plaques and memorials in open space
  • Restrict plaques and memorials to events or persons of outstanding significance to an area
  • Minimise the risks and environmental impact of plaques and memorials

    2. References

  • Guidelines for Geographic Names
  • Management Procedure – Plaques and Memorials
  • CoGG Public Art Strategy
  • CoGG Style Guide
  • Greater Geelong City Council General Local Law 2005

    3. Definitions

    Plaque - flat tablet of metal, stone or other material which includes text or images which commemorate a person, event or historical information relative to the location or a new public artwork of significance

    Memorial - An object established in memory of a person, association, anniversary or event and includes a monument.

    Open Space - Open space refers to all land owned and/or managed by Council that is zoned Public Park and Recreation Zone or Public Conservation Resource Zone and is available for public access. Typically open space includes parks, gardens, trails, habitat corridors, utilities reserves, foreshores, waterways, sportsgrounds and conservation reserves. It does not include vacant municipal land zoned for other purposes.

    Public Place - Public Place refers to road reserves, Municipal Buildings, streetscapes and other council lands that are owned and/or managed by Council.

    4. Council Policy


    Existing plaques and memorials will generally be retained.  If the existing site is inappropriate, maintenance costs prohibitive or the condition of the plaque or memorial is poor, those originally involved in its placement should, where practical, be consulted before re-siting or removal. Replacement plaques or memorials of different style or form may also be considered.


    Council does not encourage the installation of plaques and memorials in open space and only events or people of outstanding significance may be commemorated by a plaque or memorial. Subjects for plaques and memorials will be limited to the following :

  • an individual or Association that has contributed significantly to the cultural, political or social aspects of Geelong’s development;
  • an individual or Association strongly linked to the City of Greater Geelong and its history;
  • a significant anniversary of an event unique to the history and development of the locality;
  • historical or other information relevant to the site/location of the plaque;
  • A public artwork of significance.


    Recognition of significant contributions for open space infrastructure can be acknowledged by way of a small plaque mounted to the infrastructure. Funding agreements from Government agencies regularly have this as a requirement.


    Plaques and memorials shall be designed in consideration of the general character of the area and sited so as not intrude upon or damage the structure or natural environment or otherwise create a public risk. Their construction should require little maintenance and should be resistant to vandalism.


    While an approved plaque or memorial will be located at the designated site for a period of not less than ten years, Council maintains the right to remove or relocate it should the site be redeveloped or significantly changed in character. Council does not guarantee the retention of any plaque or memorial.

    5. Quality Records

    Quality Records shall be retained for at least the period shown below.

    Record Retention/Disposal Responsibility Retention Period Location
      Asset Manager Permanent Corporate Records

    6. Attachments

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