Geelong Hospital Precinct Plan

The project team has undertaken community and stakeholder engagement with a community-wide survey and co-design workshop.

Recurring themes of survey respondents

  • Patients wanted more flexibility in time and cost controls for parking. Workers identified the need for more all day parking close to the precinct. (87% of respondents drive to the precinct). The Gaol and ADF site were identified for potential redevelopment and areas for parking.
  • Better bus service connections and accessible bus stops were identified issues even though ‘Public Transport’ itself was not identified as a significant issue. Requests for secure bicycle parking were raised and the need for improved bicycle paths. Wayfinding and signage were identified concerns. Suggestions for technology to guide people between facilities and consideration for the needs of vision impaired.
  • Pedestrian access and safety. Better crossings and signalling. Traffic calming near entrances. Need for an access plan developed by people with vision or mobility impairment. Concern expressed for footpath width (for mobility devices and prams) as well as uneven surfaces and trip hazards.
  • A need for reflective spaces, seating, shelter and places to meet, gather or relax were identified. Also, more affordable accommodation options were needed for families of patients living outside of Geelong. There were requests for improved street lighting, personal security and more food options in the evenings.

Overview of the co-design workshop 

More than 30 guests attended a co-design workshop on 21 March 2018 at St Mary's Research Centre including representatives from:

  • Department of Health and Human Services
  • Barwon Health
  • National Trust
  • Australian Defence Force
  • Ambulance Victoria
  • Transport for Victoria
  • the Geelong Authority
  • VicRoads
  • Geelong Private Hospital
  • St John of God Hospital Geelong
  • Barwon Child Youth and Families
  • Primary Health Networks
  • G21
  • as well as some community members, traders and residents.

Discussions revolved around three key themes:

  • land use and development
  • access, movement and connection
  • public spaces, streetscapes and urban design.

Stakeholders were invited to share what they thought works well and what doesn't within the precinct. They then negotiated some agreed outcomes for each theme and shared ideas that may help achieve the agreed outcomes.

Discussing different sites, opinions and agendas helped the group understand the complexity and difficulty in managing the expectations of other stakeholders. For the project team, it was a chance to establish working relationships with stakeholder representatives. Many were keen to collaborate towards mutual goals.

The information and ideas from the survey and workshop will be used to inform concept plans in the next stage of the project.

The findings from the community wide survey and the unedited responses raised in the workshop can be downloaded here.

As well as the engagement reports, the Streetscape Universal Design Audit undertaken as a technical assessment of the Hospital precinct can be downloaded here.

The Geelong Hospital Precinct Plan enquiries can be directed to our Senior Urban Designer and project manager:

Planning and Growth admin
03 5272 5078
[email protected]

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