Annual Report 2015/2016 - Geelong Arena

The Geelong Arena delivers great experiences for all visitors with continued sport activities, spectators, returning and new events.

Delivering great experiences.

Event visitations in 2015/2016:
Occupancy rate at peak times:
Total number of event days:
Basketball Geelong
YMCA Gymnastics
Elite Taekwondo
Kyokushin Karate
Total annual sport participants in 2015/2016:

The Arena is a diverse and exciting jewel for participation and community experience.

Key achievements

  • Installation of LED lighting to Annex courts resulting 32% reduction in CO2 emissions

  • Completed flooring upgrade to Annex courts

  • Hosting 58 major event days with 57,372 event visitations

  • The graduation event period catered over 4,000 meals in a week

  • 444 events hosted

Key initiatives

  • Continued revitalisation of facility

  • Implement Landscaping opportunities

  • Introduction of LED lights in public areas

  • Safety and security review


  • Development of venue strategic plan

  • Enhance audio visual sensory experiences

  • Ticketing access control

  • Development of transport plan

  • Development to improve visitation tracking

  • Waste management plan implemented

Significant events

  • 58 major events during financial year


  • National Judo Championships

  • NBA Basketball Without Borders

  • SEABL championship finals game

  • 13 season games of SEABL Men and Women

  • State Karate Championship

  • National School Aerobics and Gymnastics competitions

  • Regional cheerleading events

Touring Concerts

  • Celtic Thunder and Adam Harvey


  • 13 Primary school concerts

  • 4 Secndary school graduation events

  • Karingal Big Night Out

  • Geelong Business Excellence Awards Dinner

Expo events

  • Wedding Expo, Sport Development Conference

SEABL attendances

The Arena is home to Geelong Supercats playing host to South East Australian Basketball League season from March to September each year.

Average SEABL game attendance

Comparisons of SEABL attendances from 13/14 to 15/16

Annex Occupancy

Annex occupancy rates in 2015/2016

Auditorium occupancy

Auditorium occupancy rates in 2015/2016

Off Peak: 10:00am - 4:00pm weekdays, 9:00am - 11:00pm weekends
Peak: 9:00am -10:00am, 4:00pm - 11:00pm weekdays

Geelong Arena Events in 2015-2016

A variety of sport, events and entertainment are hosted at The Geelong Arena assisting to improve community wellbeing and help grow our local economy.

Geelong Arena events in 2015/2016

Event attendance sizes: Minor <100, Medium 100-749, Major 750+

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