About Corayo: A Thematic History of Greater Geelong

The City has prepared a thematic history for Greater Geelong: About Corayo: A Thematic History of Greater Geelong.

The word ‘Corayo’ is one of several derivations of the term known today as Corio, meaning 'salt water' or 'sandy' in Wadawurrung Traditional Owner language.

The thematic history is based around themes, it does not provide a chronological account of the history of the municipality. It explains how and why the municipality looks like it does today by connecting the past through existing and lost physical evidence to aspects of cultural history.

The thematic history has attempted to address the often-overlooked histories of First Nations people and the contributions of women and emigrants (including the contributions made by later non-British arrivals to Greater Geelong).

Due to its size the history is available to download as distinct themes rather than as a single document. Unfortunately, the City does not have hard copies available for purchase. A hard copy is available to view at the Geelong Heritage Centre.

How to use this document

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  4. An overview of the Thematic History, how it was put together and copyright information is found in Theme 1.
  5. The footnotes are provided at the end of each theme. The full bibliography and appendices can be found in Theme 10.


1 introduction

Introduction & Acknowledgments

Theme 1 - Shaping the environment of Greater Geelong

1.1 Introduction
1.2 Existing Natural Environment
1.3 Native Fauna & Flora
1.4 Living with Natural Processes
1.5 Appreciating & Protecting Natural Wonders

Theme 2 - Peopling Greater Geelong

2.1 Introduction
2.2 Living on Wadawurrung Country
2.3 European Exploration & Surveys
2.4 Initial European Colonisation following ‘Terra Nullius’
2.5 Dispossession of Wadawurrung Country
2.6 The Wadawurrung & Other Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander People in Greater Geelong to the 21st Century
2.7 Immigration to Greater Geelong: 19th Century
2.8 Immigration to Greater Geelong: 20th Century
2.9 Chinese, Malay & Indian Workers
2.10 Italian Immigrants
2.11 Japanese Immigrants
2.12 Postwar (post 1945) Immigration
2.13 Closer & Soldier Settlement
2.14 Settlement Strategy 2018

Theme 3 - Transport and Communications

3.1 Introduction
3.2 Wadawurrung Routes
3.3 Roads Around Greater Geelong
3.4 Railway Network in Greater Geelong
3.5 Shipping
3.6 Aviation
3.7 Postal & Telegraph Services
3.8 Newspaper Production
3.9 Wireless Radios

Theme 4 - Transforming and Managing Land and Natural Resources

4.1 Introduction
4.2 Farming & Agriculture
4.3 Timber Industry
4.4 Stone Quarrying
4.5 Lime Burning
4.6 Brick Making
4.7 Gold Mining
4.8 Water Supply & Sewerage

Theme 5 - Building Greater Geelong’s Industries and Workforce

5.1 Introduction
5.2 Wadawurrung ‘By-errs’
5.3 Industrial Sector
5.4 Trade Sector
5.5 Commercial Sector
5.6 Financial Sector
5.7 Insurance Sector
5.8 Legal Sector
5.9 Hospitality Sector
5.10 Utilities Sector

Theme 6 - Building the Shire

6.1 Introduction
6.2 The Wadawurrung: Clan Estates & Building on Country
6.3 Geelong the Regional City
6.4 Geelong: ‘The Sleepy Hollow’ 1860-1900
6.5 Geelong: A Period of Progress 1900-2000
6.6 From Manufacturing to Health, Educational & Insurance Service Sectors: Geelong in the Early 21st Century
6.7 Suburban Communities
6.8 Other Suburbs & Settlements

Theme 7 - Governing in Greater Geelong

7.1 Local Government
7.2 The Wadawurrung: The First Local Government in Greater Geelong
7.3 Evolution of European Local Government in Greater Geelong
7.4 Founding of Colonial & State Governments in Victoria: Associations with Greater Geelong
7.5 Law & Order in Greater Geelong
7.6 Governing the Waterways
7.7 Defending Greater Geelong
7.8 Managing the Roads
7.9 Regulating Building & Town Planning in Greater Geelong

Theme 8 - Building Community Life

8.1 Introduction
8.2 Spiritual Life
8.3 Education
8.4 Health & Welfare
8.5 Community Organisations
8.6 Commemoration

Theme 9 - Shaping Cultural and Creative Life

9.1 Introduction
9.2 Sport
9.3 Recreation
9.4 Clever & Creative Geelong

10 - Bibliography and Appendices


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