Our Botanic Gardens on show

Friday, 20 October 2023

National and international delegates visited our gardens for a day.

The Geelong Botanic Gardens are one of our most treasured icons. Hosting more than 4000 species spanning 400 genera and 100 plant families, these gardens have been adored by generations of our residents since 1851.

Recently, our Gardens took centre stage as the venue for the Botanic Gardens Australia and New Zealand (BGANZ) network event. The event extended a warm welcome to 80 delegates hailing from more than 20 organisations, all gathering amidst the splendour of our exquisite Botanic Gardens.

BGANZ, the industry body championing botanic gardens in Australia and New Zealand, provided a golden opportunity to present our time-honoured 170-year-old gardens to peers within the field.

During the guided tour, a notable stopover was the Pacific Rim garden.

This garden serves as a haven for rare plants hailing from regions in the Pacific, under threat from deforestation and climate upheavals. The garden is accentuated by an array of Conifer varieties, a testament to decades of tireless curation by a dedicated local collector.

Celebrations were in full swing last July, marking the 150th year of the planting of an illustrious Redwood tree.

The story of this exceptional tree began over 160 years ago, when a seed sent by Thomas Learmonth from California was germinated at the Geelong Botanic Gardens.

Once the seed was successfully germinated, the sapling was then planted 150 years ago by John Raddenbury, the second curator of Geelong Botanic Gardens. Coordinator Kellee Reissinger said the tree has flourished thanks to the meticulous care and dedicated stewardship of those who have been involved with the Gardens. 

What sets this tree apart is not only its age, but its steady growth. Over the years it has demonstrated a medium growth rate, with an annual increase in height of approximately 10-­15 centimetres.

Make a time to visit our Geelong Botanic Gardens soon, to immerse yourself in nature, wander and unwind, step into the conservatory and have a picnic on the lawn. You can even book an event or wedding in your favourite garden space.

Page last updated: Friday, 20 October 2023