Flying Fox in Eastern Park

We have a colony of Grey-headed Flying Fox living in Eastern Park.

There are about 90 species of bats in Australia. The Grey-headed Flying-foxes are one of the largest bat species in the world. They weigh of 600-1000 grams and have a wingspan of up to one metre. We also have a number of microbat species that are much harder to spot.

Bats are the only mammals which fly. They have the same arm and hand bones as humans. Their fingers are very long and connected with a thin membrane that forms their wings.

Grey-headed Flying-foxes live in camps in forests and woodlands. They spend their days hanging from the trees and fly out in the evening to forage for food.

Because of their ability to fly long distances and foraging habits the Flying-fox is one of the most efficient pollinators and seed dispersers of native Australian trees.

We have a permanent camp living nearby in Eastern Park. You can see them while walking or driving around Eastern Park Circuit. You can park near the Golf Course for a closer look at the roost and the information signs.

The Australiasian Bat Society has great information on bats on their website.

Page last updated: Tuesday, 6 April 2021