Early Learning Excursions - Geelong Botanic Gardens

Embark with our smallest nature lovers with hands-on and interactive Early Learning Programs. aligned with the Victorian Early Years Learning Development Framework.

Using our beautiful Food Bowl Garden (weather permitting), students will have the opportunity to learn outdoors and explore the garden space, participating in a variety of activities designed to complement the chosen topic with a take home activity to continue at their Centre.

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Bountiful Bugs (1 hour)

Creepy, crawly, wriggly and slimy! This lesson explores the role that bugs play in contributing to the overall health of a garden space. What would the garden look like if we didn't have bugs? Students will participate in a bug hunt, exploring and observing bugs and their habitats before exploring how they interact with plants and why. Help build some bug hotels that you can take back to your classroom garden for your own backyard bugs.

ELYF: Outcome 1 and 4

Backyard Explorers (1 hour)

Sight, smell, touch and sound abound in this session that really draws upon the senses to explore the veggie garden. Students will have the opportunity to touch a wide range of plant treasures, smell unique smells found in the garden, see how plants grow and listen to nature in their outdoor classroom.

ELYF: Outcome 1 and 4

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