Book a public event at the Geelong Botanic Gardens

Our beautiful and peaceful gardens are the perfect venue for small, low-impact public events. 

You must apply for a permit to hold your event at the Geelong Botanic Gardens. Events Geelong administers this process. 

When deciding whether to support an application, we will favour events that are:

  • suitable in a natural setting and can be held outside
  • leave no imprint on our high-quality landscape and important plant collections
  • can be held while other visitors enjoy the peacefulness of the gardens.

When the event is ticketed the booking fee is $410 for five hours usage.

Information for event organisers

The following Events Geelong information is designed to help all event organisers wanting to host a public event on City-owned and managed land: 

Need to know more...

If you have further questions about hosting a public event at the Geelong Botanic Gardens, please contact us.

Page last updated: Monday, 10 July 2023