Kerbside organics initiative utilises first mature windrows

Wednesday, 7 August 2019

Our $3.5 million garden organics processing facility in Anakie has utilised its first mature windrows, which are now being used on a neighbouring farm.

The facility is located in between Anakie and Lovely Banks, and is expected to process up to 35,000 tonnes of green organics collected from Greater Geelong’s garden waste bins.

Garden organics are collected through our residential green bin collection and are processed at the facility, this includes grass clippings, tree branches, leaves and weeds.

Through an open windrow process, the waste is sorted, pasteurised and matured into Australian Standard compost to then be used internally within council operations to promote soil health and water conservation for the botanical gardens, sports grounds, parks, and agricultural properties within the region, including the farm that surrounds the facility.

This facility is a key development in reducing the City of Greater Geelong’s reliance on landfill as it provides an all-weather, all year option for processing garden organics.

This example of a circular economy is an exciting model for other resource recovery projects within Geelong Council and other municipalities. This initiative successfully closes the loop on organics recycling.

Councillor Bruce Harwood - Mayor

It’s exciting to see the Garden Organics Processing Facility’s delivering its first lot of compost, after a four-month open windrow process.

This clever and creative process is a true example of a circular economy, where we are keeping our resources in use for as long as possible.

Council is always looking for new ways to further reduce waste and in turn, make Greater Geelong a greener place to live.

Councillor Kylie Grzybek - Windermere Ward

I’m delighted the Anakie facility is producing high-quality compost to a neighbouring farm. The organic matter will also eventually be used at the City’s parks and sports grounds.

I encourage all residents to contribute their garden waste to the green bin service, as this facility will have significant environmental impacts for our region into the future.

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