Going green: garden organics processing facility is up and running

Wednesday, 20 February 2019

The City’s $3.5 million Garden Organics Processing Facility in Anakie has received its first delivery of residential green waste.

Garden organics collected through the City’s residential green bin collection, including grass clippings, tree branches, leaves and weeds will be processed at the facility.

The composting facility is expected to process an estimated 35,000 tonnes of green organics from the Greater Geelong region.

The compost will then be used in City parks and sports grounds as well as farm and agricultural land around the region.

A four-month open windrow process involving sorting, pasteurising and maturing the waste, ensure the waste meets Australian standards. The facility only accepts garden waste and not food organics at this stage.

For high quality compost to be created, green organics collected must meet the City’s green bin requirements.

Each year, the City spends approximately $700,000 removing plastic and other rubbish from garden organics bins.

The City will be seeking community views on several discussion papers aimed at further reducing waste.

Have your say on these papers until Friday, 15 March.


Mayor Bruce Harwood:

Council is committed to showing strong leadership on sustainability and the environment, and it’s really exciting to see this facility now up and running.

It will further enable our garden waste to be repurposed, turning it into compost for use at parks, sports grounds and farms around the region. This is a great outcome, and it’s just one of a number of initiatives we’re putting in place to create a greener Geelong.

It’s also a good time to remind the community to help us as much as you can by putting the correct material into your green bins. This means only garden materials, and no food waste, treated timber or plastic bags. By following these guidelines you can do your bit for the environment and help us to keep costs down.

Councillor Sarah Mansfield, Chair, Environment and Sustainability portfolio:

The City of Greater Geelong is a certified ‘One Planet Living’ Council, meaning we’re committed to leading the way in creating a sustainable future for our region.

With our population growing and the environment becoming an increasing issue of concern for the community, we’re putting maximum effort into our waste recovery and disposal systems.

We want to make sure we’re recycling as much material as we possibly can, and this facility will make a big impact in that area.

Councillor Kylie Grzybek, Windermere Ward:

It’s very exciting that this facility in Anakie is now operational, turning garden waste from our green bins into compost for use all over the region. This will produce major environmental benefits, and contributes towards council’s efforts to be a leader in sustainability.

Page last updated: Wednesday, 20 February 2019