Excess garden material

Can't fit all of your garden material in your green lid bin?

You could:

  • ask a neighbour to use their bin if space allows
  • hold material over to the next collection
  • mulch or compost the material for use around the garden
  • contact a garden clean up service
  • transport it to either the Geelong or Drysdale Resource Recovery Centres - fees will apply based on quantity.

We do not sell garden organics collected at our resource recovery centres or via the kerbside collection.

Most of the compost produced from kerbside collection is used by local farms (mainly pasture) horticulture, vineyards and landscaping.

Some compost is used to assist in the rehabilitation at the former Corio Landfill site and other for soil improvement in the council’s vast parks and gardens network.

Page last updated: Tuesday, 29 October 2019