Your garden organics bin

Our composting facility is now processing around 27,000 tonne of garden material collected through the kerbside collection service.

The facility turns grass clippings, branches and other garden material into compost using an open windrow process.

To improve the quality, we need to keep non garden material out of the garden bin.

These items don't go into your garden bin

Our bin inspection team has identified the most common non-garden material being placed in the kerbside garden bin.

These items damage the machinery, are difficult to remove and sends material that should be composted to landfill.

  1. Material in any type of plastic bag. - place in your kerbside rubbish bin
  2. Soft plastic packaging such bread and frozen food bags.- recycle at participating supermarkets or place in the kerbside rubbish bin
  3. Any timber product - take to the Drysdale or Geelong Resource Recovery centres - disposal fees apply
  4. Cardboard and paper - recycling or rubbish bin
  5. Any metal products - metal bin at the Drysdale or Geelong Resource Recovery Centre - free disposal

What can go into your garden organics bin?

This initiative ensures the region’s green garden material stays out of landfill and is re-used on surrounding farms and a number of the City’s operations, including the botanic gardens, sports grounds and parks


Put your garden organics bin out for collection every fortnight. See your collection calendar.

Your bin should not exceed 70 kilograms in weight.

Page last updated: Tuesday, 5 April 2022