Your garden organics green lid bin

Find out what can go in your garden organics green lid bin.

Note - Keep plastic bags, soil, timber and and other non garden material out of your garden organics bin.

Kitchen waste and food organics

At present food waste cannot be included in the garden organics bin because the composting facility used by City of Greater Geelong does not have an EPA licence to process food organics.

Most councils allowing food organics into their green bins are close to a commercial compost facility that is able to process this material under a specific EPA composting licence.

This is especially the case with Melbourne Metropolitan councils where the population density allows private composting operators to run a viable service for food organics.

For the small number of non-metro councils maintaining this service they are a long distance from a processing which adds significant cost to maintain this service.

At this stage there are no facilities in the Geelong area with the capacity to take all of Geelong’s garden and food organics.

The City recognises that allowing food organics into the green bin may have benefits and will be reviewing whether this is viable for the City in the future.

Recycling your garden material

Most of the compost produced from kerbside collection is used by local farms (mainly pasture) horticulture, vineyards and landscaping.

Some compost is used to assist in the rehabilitation at the former Corio Landfill site and other for soil improvement in our vast parks and gardens network.

Purchasing compost directly from the City of Greater Geelong

This is not currently possible but composted recycled garden organics is available at most garden or landscape supply outlets.


Put your garden organics bin out for collection every fortnight. See our collection calendar.

Your bin should not exceed 70 kilograms in weight.

Page last updated: Wednesday, 24 February 2021