Framework Plan - what if it delineates a land use on my property?

The Future Urban Structure and other plans within the Framework Plan identify general, illustrative guidance rather than precise locations for various land uses. Subsequent precinct structure plans (PSPs) will refine the proposals in the Framework Plan and provide more specific guidance on the location of various land uses, including transport and drainage infrastructure.

Preparation of PSPs will include further technical reports on individual precincts to refine and provide more detailed guidance on land use, subdivision and infrastructure for each property in the growth areas. Each PSP takes approximately three years to prepare and landowners will be informed and engaged throughout the preparation of the PSP that their property is located within.

If part of all of a property is identified for a public land use as part of the preparation of the PSP, this land will be subject to compensation by the relevant authority (for example: VicRoads, City of Greater Geelong, Barwon Water, Department of Education).

There are various mechanisms and processes for how compensation can occur.

Page last updated: Friday, 31 July 2020