Lovely Banks rural living areas - how will these be affected?

The plan has been amended to retain most existing Rural Living zoned properties in Lovely Banks in the Rural Living Zone until a precinct structure plan (PSP) is undertaken for this area. The framework plan identifies this area for ‘future investigation of residential.’ In the long term, the City will undertake investigation of conventional or low density residential development as part of a future PSP process.

Some existing rural living zoned properties in proximity to the Geelong Ring Road Employment Precinct are identified in the framework plan to transition to employment-based land use to provide Geelong's future jobs; however, this a long term proposition and these lots will also remain in the Rural Living Zone until the eventual PSP process rezones the properties to Urban Growth Zone in the long term

A few small areas of the current Rural Living Zone that are planned for conventional residential density in the short to medium term are proposed to be rezoned to Urban Growth Zone as they form part of short and medium term precincts.

Importantly, it is up to individual landowners to decide if and when they want to pursue this transition upon the completion of future planning processes.

Page last updated: Wednesday, 6 May 2020