Future Urban Structure Plan

The draft future urban structure plan provides high-level guidance in relation to proposed land use and development.

The study area boundary of each growth area.

Underlying land uses, being:

  • Residential: generally conventional density residential development with a minimum dwelling yield of 15 dwellings per net developable hectare in most cases consistent with zones allowing permitting general residential and residential growth development
  • Employment: generally employment-based development including but not limited to light manufacturing, service industry, freight and logistics, business parks consistent with zones allowing commercial and light industrial development
  • Low density residential: generally low density residential development
  • Rural living: generally rural living or areas not anticipated to experience a change in land use
  • Rural living with employment potential: generally rural living that is suitable to transition to employment-based development
  • Servicing and utility: land required for servicing and utilities, and easements.

A high-level transport network, being:

  • the Geelong Ring Road and freeway interchanges
  • a network of arterial roads with 4-lane or 6-lane road cross sections
  • a network of key local roads with 2-lane road cross sections
  • the Geelong-Ballarat rail line and potential railway station location and
  • the alignment of the ‘Clever and Creative Corridor’, a boulevard-style transit corridor.

A high-level activity centre network, being:

  • major town centres that are activity centres with a sub-regional role in the scale and delivery of retail and services and
  • local town centres that are activity centres with a neighbourhood-sized role in the scale and delivery of retail and services.

A high-level open space network, being:

  • waterway network including river and creek corridors, land subject to inundation, constructed stormwater drainage network of linear corridors, wetlands and retarding basins
  • other drainage assets
  • linear open spaces including a link along the gas pipeline and along the monocline ridgeline
  • Quarry Lake District, being the Batesford quarry and surrounds and
  • potential conservation areas subject to detailed assessments of native vegetation values.

The road, activity centre and open space networks illustrated on the draft future urban structure plans are intended as general locations for the infrastructure and will be subject to refinement and review as part of the subsequent preparation of precinct structure plans on the subject land.

Page last updated: Friday, 29 May 2020