Futsal Team Manager tips

At Futsal Geelong, we do not want the stress of being team captain/manager take away from the great experience of playing Futsal with your mates.

These tips will help your team run smoothly and effectively.

  1. An organised team manager/captain will:
    1. always know what time and which court the game will be on and communicate this through to the rest of your team
    2. have a clear understanding of which players are locked in to play, arranging for fill-ins if necessary
    3. pay team registration/game fees and collect reimbursements from teammates
    4. engage in consistent communication with competition coordinators
    5. organise a deputy team manager should they be unavailable
    6. organise the team's kit so every player has a matching shirt with a unique number.
  2. Create a Facebook Group
    This is something that more and more teams are beginning to do. It is a tool that eliminates the need for texting and phone calls to organise things. It is also a great way for teammates to share information, match reviews, photos and videos. It can be a lot of fun. (Make sure you like Futsal Geelong, details below).
    Post the game time in the group each week, tag the desired line-up requesting a response to whether they're available or not, seek the necessary fill-ins.
  3. Start a Team Kitty
    Instead of dividing the weekly match fee by the number of players at the venue prior to kick off (which could result in some players paying extra), a popular strategy is to start a team kitty. There is a variety of ways this can be managed:
    • charging an extra dollar per game to build the fund or alternatively
    • charging a fixed amount per player (for example: $10 x 7 players = $70 - $55 game fee = $15 in the kitty).
    This money could be used for things such as:
    • registration
    • new uniforms
    • end of season celebrations.

Page last updated: Tuesday, 5 January 2021