Futsal Geelong Centre Rules

Our competitions are governed by the FIFA Futsal Laws of the Game 2012 and by the Futsal Geelong Centre Rules.
Futsal Geelong

On any occasion where there is a conflict between the two sets of rules, the Futsal Geelong Centre Rules will prevail.

Having not read these rules does not qualify as an excuse for not obeying them; ignorance will not be tolerated. Failure to meet the centre rules can result in fines, competition point deduction, even competition removal.

Team entry

  • Team entry fee and Team entry form must be completed prior to commencing Round 3 of every undertaken season.

  • Any teams who have not completed this process before this time will not receive competition points until process is complete.

  • Players that do not appear on the Team entry form will not be registered and affiliated with FFV of Futsal Geelong, nor will they be eligible for finals unless registered on the Team entry form.

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Player registration

  • Every player is registered once their details have been completely filled in on the Team entry form. Fill-ins are exempt from this rule.

  • A fill-in player can play 3 games for the team. Any further games for that team in the same season they will be considered a permanent player and will be required to register.

  • If a player plays on more than one night and in any Futsal Geelong competition around Geelong, their registration will be valid on each night at each venue they play.

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Team sheets

  • Game sheets can be found near entrance to desired court and have designated areas for teams to enter player details.

  • The captain is responsible for ensuring each player's details are listed. Legible writing must be used to include the first initial, surname and player number prior to kick-off.

  • The team sheet should be handed to the match official 1 minute before the kick-off time.

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Match payment

  • Team payments are made at the office, and are to be paid prior to each match. The team payment must be paid in full, there is no credit here, therefore management recommend players bring along a littel extra to cover any shortfall by missing players. A receipt will be printed and must then be given to the match referee.

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Player requirements

  • Every player must wear a unique number. The number cannot be taped, however it may be drawn on providing it is readable. A referee may punish a player for unacceptable unber at any point during the match. Penalty = 1 goal awarded to opposing team.

  • No singlets, shirts must have sleeves.

  • Every player must wear shin pads. Every player's shin pads must be covered by socks.

  • No jewellery can be worn. A flat wedding band entirely covered by sports tape is the only exception.

  • No player under the age of 16 may play in a senior competition unless permission has been granted by management.

  • Team uniforms must be matching colours, sleeved and numbered. Uniform requirements must be organised and met prior to Round 3 each season.

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Team and player requirements

  • Teams may contain up to 9 players, 5 of which can take to the court.

  • Substitutions may be made at any point during the game, however the referee must be notified of Goal Keeper substitutions.

  • Players may only play for one team in one division competition night. For example: a player may play in division one and two with different teams.

  • Teams must have at least three players to start the match. The clock will start on time. If a fourth player does not show up, the opposing team shall receive 1 goal every 2 minutes until the 10th minute marke of the first half. At this point, the match shall be deemed a forfeit and the score 5-0. Teams may use a player from another team to fill the squad, though not to create a substitution player - 6 or more.

  • If for any reason a team/s is reduced to 3 men, the match will be abandoned.

  • All players must have a unique and individual number. No numbers can be taped.

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Forfeits abandoned and result decided by management

  • Forfeiting games will be charged a weeks game fee unless 24 hours notice is given.

  • Forfeiting will also result in the loss of 3 competition points.

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Season withdrawal

  • Teams who withdraw from a season after Round 1 has commenced will be charged the remainder of the season subject to management's decision.

Failure to pay overdue fines and fees may result in competition removal.

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  • All competition finals shall be a knockout setup unless otherwise organised by management.
    Players must qualify for finals, at least 4 games minimum to be played for each player unless otherwise organised by management. Playing unqualified players will result in disqualification from finals.

  • If scores are tied after full-time, one period of 5 minutes extra time shall commence. If scores remain tied, a penalty shoot-out shall take place.

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Game stoppages

  • Games can be stopped if a safety or infectious disease issue arises during the game. In this case the match clock will not stop.

  • If blood spills onto the ball or part of the court at any time, the match must be stopped immediately. A player who is bleeding shall leave the court and if, after a wipe, the wound continues to bleed the player may not be replaced until the bleeding has stopped and the wound is covered. Any blood on playing area, equipment or uniforms must be properly sanitised before play can resume.

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  • Once a player exceeds more then four yellow cards in one competition they will be suspended for one week in all Futsal Geelong competitions. Any further yellow cards by that player will result in a doubling of the previous suspension. i.e. A fifth yellow card will result in a two week suspension and a sixth yellow card will result in a four week suspension.

  • A second yellow card in any match will result in a week suspension from all Futsal Geelong competitions.

  • Once a player exceeds six yellow cards in a single season, that player will be banned from all Futsal Geelong competitions until the season is complete.

  • When a player is issued a red card, an automatic one week ban will be enforced from all Futsal Geelong competitions in addition to a penalty as outlined in the Futsal Geelong ‘Fixed Penalty’ chart.

  • If a player exceeds more then one red card in any single season, they will be banned from playing in all Futsal Geelong competitions until the season is complete.

  • In any case where a player receives a red card, that player cannot be replaced for 5 minutes; irrespective of goals scored.

  • In any game where a team receives two red cards, they will forfeit the game.

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Slide action

  • Players are not permitted to make a sliding action that makes contact with surrounding players (block or tackle). Sliding actions are cardable offences.

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Heat policy

  • In the event of on-court temperatures exceeding 30 degrees Celsius, a modified game format will be used.

  • A two minute break after every ten minutes of play will be introduced.

  • The half time break will double to 5 minutes.

  • In the event of on-court temperatures exceeding 35 degrees Celsius, games will cancelled and re-scheduled at the next possible date.

Page last updated: Monday, 3 February 2020