Designing the future of outdoor industrial temperature monitoring

In 2019 Sequence Digital created a prototype outdoor industrial temperature monitor for the City of Greater Geelong's Garden Organics Processing Facility in Anakie.

They are robust, solar powered and internet connected with extremely simple and reliable operation at the core of their design. A grant was provided to Sequence Digital to develop their remote monitoring system for combustible materials (e.g. organics and other recovered materials), to achieve processing efficiencies and improve safety on sites.

The Sequence Digital devices reliably gather the internal temperature of 6metre wide, potentially combustible, compost stockpiles. This level of monitoring happens 24/7 and multiple times per hour. The data is accessible via a cloud-based console where site management can be alerted to higher than normal temperatures and take early action to cool down the piles.

The funding support provided to Sequence Digital by Cleantech Innovations Geelong helped with the redesign of the product to meet required Australian regulatory standards for electrical goods.

The product development project included:

  • automated environmental monitoring in tough remote situations
  • early detection devices capable of alerting people/organisations of risk
  • delivering information in a readily accessible and user friendly format
  • helping organisations report on and implement regulatory requirements.

Without the Cleantech Innovations Geelong funding the project could not have gone this far.  As a direct result Sequence Digital is able to invest further time and money into making corrections to their product, and completing a second round of testing.

This project is one of several product development projects which have achieved positive economic outcomes for the Greater Geelong community. 

Sequence Digital's product is now available under the trading name: Rhino Instruments.  

Page last updated: Wednesday, 1 November 2023