Clean technology demonstration project

Cleantech Innovations Geelong has received thirteen expressions of interest to demonstrate a new clean technology in the Greater Geelong region.

Clean technologies are economically viable products, services and processes that harness renewable materials and energy sources, dramatically reduce use of natural resources, and decrease or eliminate emissions and wastes.

The successful projects will solve specific, shared problems in Greater Geelong, such as:

  • working towards a circular economy for soil remediation, e-waste, packaging, textiles or household, commercial and industrial food waste
  • reducing energy use and costs
  • repairing ground or soil contamination to improve commercial and industrial sites
  • improving agricultural soil ecology
  • reducing commercial and industrial emissions
  • achieving net zero commercial and industrial carbon emissions
  • reducing commercial and industrial water consumption and improving water efficiency 
  • reducing waste to landfill, increasing recycling, and working towards zero waste or waste to energy
  • developing sustainable building materials
  • reducing packaging.

Support available

Cleantech Innovations Geelong will provide a range of support for the demonstration projects, including: 

  • small scale grants 
  • assistance with grant identification and application writing
  • assistance with local contacts, stakeholders, supply chains, and connections
  • advice and support on suitable locations 
  • assistance with accessing investment advice
  • assistance with accessing planning advice
  • advice on community consultation and engagement
  • assistance with accessing intellectual property advice.

Key dates

 Expression of interest open    7 September 2019 
 Expression of interest closed  4 October 2019
 Successful projects sign memorandum of understanding    January 2020
 Projects start  February 2020
 Projects finish  October 2021 at latest

About Cleantech Innovations Geelong

The Cleantech Innovations Geelong team provides hands-on business support:

  • Grants for new, collaborative projects that stimulate the market for clean technologies
  • Activities to develop skills and capabilities around clean technologies
  • Creating innovative cleantech products through procurement
  • Sharing success stories and learnings through industry briefings 

Cleantech Innovations Geelong’s key activities for 2018–2021 are:

  • bringing new cleantech products to market by stimulating demand and providing grants
  • inviting proposals for large-scale cleantech demonstration project(s)
  • exploring the creation of a cleantech precinct.

Page last updated: Thursday, 28 May 2020