Sustainable refurbishment - Little Green Corner Café

Little Green Corner Café, a sustainable paradise in the city sprawl.

Little Green Corner café:

  • has been refurbished to maximise efficiency; using recycled timber furnishings, energy efficient water and lighting solutions and crowd-funded solar panels
  • also grows and locally sources their products, greatly reducing their carbon footprint whilst creating an educated and engaged community
  • has provided a fresh and practical case study in sustainability for Central Geelong.

Refurbished with sustainability a primary focus, the building was first chosen for its North and East facing orientation, which maximises natural light whilst allowing passive heating and cooling.

The space was fitted out with recycled and sustainable materials, sky lights and LED lighting, as well as toilets with an integrated basin to reduce energy and water consumption respectively.

Showers were fitted allowing staff to cycle to work, continuing their commitment to reducing their carbon footprint.

Little Green Corner are:

  • crowd-funded by the community
  • incorporate various sustainable business practices.

Locally-sourced food must be supplied in reusable crates to reduce packaging waste, whilst excess food scraps are served to the chickens that provide the café’s eggs, and herbs picked from the café’s raised garden beds.

Hugh Whitehead - Little Green Corner Cafe owner

By being clear on our objectives, committing to them and communicating to customers, our café has experienced huge benefits; an engaged community and significant cost savings. Little Green Corner is based on three principles:

  1. simple
  2. local and
  3. sustainable.

These have served as the founding values from the building design right through to the smallest detail in our cafe.


Page last updated: Monday, 20 December 2021