Materials substitution

Polymeric Powders are creating super plastics through recycled tyre technology.
  • Tyres destined for landfill are instead used to enhance the plastic used in injection moulding
  • Tyre rubber is ground up, treated and mixed with traditional plastics
  • Items made using this new material have enhanced shock, crack and thermal resistance
  • Can help re-purpose some of the 50 million tyres sent to landfill each year

Polymeric Powders are a North Geelong manufacturer, who have developed a way to re-purpose some of the 50 million tyres sent to Australian landfills each year.

End-of-life tyres are ground up into powder, before being treated and bonded with plastics traditionally used in injection moulding, such as HDPE or PPP.

Items made using this new material are more shock absorbent, and have higher crack and thermal resistance than items made using traditional plastics.

The new plastic is also financially competitive, with prices similar or even cheaper than materials made in other countries, and in pelletised form can be used in 3D printers in addition to traditional injection moulding machines.

Support for the project

Cleantech Innovations Geelong supported Polymeric Powders by funding a market research project that has identified Australian based customers who will purchase the new tyre crumb derived Polymeric Powder / Polyolefin composite material, as well as expected volume of sales.

This report allows Polymeric Powders to more effectively target manufacturing and research partnerships, as well as more accurately manage their manufacturing capability. This project has contributed to the establishment of a manufacturing plant in Geelong.

Businesses in the Geelong region can access support to develop markets for clean technologies, through a partnership between the City of Greater Geelong, the Geelong Manufacturing Council and the state government.

Cleantech Innovations Geelong is a business and industry support program with a vision to establish Geelong as a Centre of Excellence for cleantech in Australia, by attracting investment, creating jobs and building skills. The program has been operating since 2014, delivering positive economic growth and sustainability outcomes for Greater Geelong.

Funding has been secured to continue providing business support during 2018-2021. The program is in line with Geelong’s designation as a UNESCO City of Design and the community-led 30 year vision for a clever and creative future.

Clean Technology is defined by Australian CleanTech as: economically viable products, services and processes that harness renewable materials and energy sources, dramatically reduce the use of natural resources and cut or eliminate emissions and wastes (sourced from the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science website).

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