Energy Efficient Industrial Lighting

ESIC Lighting's LED technology breakthrough.
  • Caronlab Australia replaced inefficient lighting with light- and motion-sensing LEDs, designed and installed by a Geelong-based ESIC Lighting.

  • New lights are brighter, flicker-free, and last three-times longer.

  • Electricity consumption has been reduced by 83 percent, saving $12,700 per annum.

  • Reduced CO2 emissions by the equivalent of 366 Melbourne-to-Sydney flights.

A North Geelong Manufacturer of salon products has replaced its factory's lighting with energy efficient, motion- and daylight-sensing LEDs.

Savings are estimated at $12,700 per annum on electricity costs alone, with more savings expected through reduced bulb replacement and maintenance costs.

The new lights are brighter, flicker-free, and last more than three-times longer than the vapour lamps they replaced.

Caronlab Australia will also reduce its CO2 emissions by approximately 27,200 kilograms per year; equivalent to 366 flights from Melbourne to Sydney.

Support for the project

The LED lighting system was designed and installed by another Geelong-based specialist ESIC Lighting, and made possible through funding by Cleantech Innovations Geelong; a partnership project between Future Proofing Geelong and the Geelong Manufacturing Council.

The funding provided allowed ESIC Lighting to develop integrated intelligence software; allowing the LEDs to dim when ambient light or motion is detected, and all easily controlled wirelessly through a mobile app.

The support provided by Cleantech Innovations Geelong has increased demand for ESIC Lighting's products, which has led to the manufacture expanding their premises in Geelong. 

Page last updated: Friday, 7 January 2022