Increasing electric vehicle uptake

Two electric vehicle charging stations have been installed on the Geelong waterfront at Western Beach Road.

We continue to deliver Greater Geelong’s clever and creative vision with the installation of two electric vehicle charging stations in the Cunningham Pier forecourt precinct.

We know that electric vehicle uptake is directly related to perceptions about the distances the vehicles can travel, and perceptions about proximity to charging stations. We are working to change those perceptions.

The charging stations are part of a broader initiative within the pier precinct which includes a new pedestrian crossing, footpaths, kerbs and lighting.

The stations have the capacity to charge four vehicles simultaneously. For charging rates visit the EVolution website. Each socket available at the waterfront charging stations has a rated power output of 22 kilowatts.

The units have a pay as you go system installed, to activate the charging system you need to download the ChargeFox App on your smartphone or device. The pay as you go system is set up to provide the 1st hour of charging for free, then the cost will be 20 cents per ilowatt per hour at peak times and 10 cents per kilowatt per hour at off peak times. The parking restrictions at the charging station carparks allow electric vehicles to park for as long as they are charging.

Instructions to activate the charging units:

  1. Plug your charging cord into your vehicle. You’ll need a Type 1 compatible cord (if you need an adaptor cord, you can order those on the Evnomics website.
  2. Activate the charging station by downloading the ChargeFox App and signing in (you’ll be prompted to set up a free account when you first download the App).
  3. Plug your cord into the machine.
  4. Press the green button.
  5. When your vehicle is charged or you wish to leave the station, press the stop button, unplug your cord and continue on your journey. Have a safe journey.

The installation of the two charging stations supports the Greater Geelong community’s goal, contained in Greater Geelong: a Clever and Creative Future, to be carbon neutral by 2047.

The electric vehicle charging stations were funded through a partnership involving the City (through Cleantech Innovations Geelong), the Geelong Manufacturing Council and the Victorian Government.

Cleantech Innovations Geelong supports the market development of cleantech goods and services. The program develops business opportunities and creates jobs in Geelong.

Page last updated: Monday, 19 February 2018