Energy efficient lighting project

Caronlab Australia replaced their factory lighting with LEDs which were developed and installed by ESIC Lighting.

The new lights are brighter and more energy efficient, as well as featuring motion and daylight sensing controlled wirelessly through a mobile app. 

Lighting electricity consumption has reduced by 83 percent, saving Caronlab $12,700 per annum, whilst reducing CO2 emissions equivalent to 366 flights from Melbourne to Sydney.

What did the project entail?

Caronlab Australia, a manufacturer of quality salon products located in North Geelong, have replaced their 4,100 square metre factory’s inefficient and costly 400W mercury vapour highbay lighting with more energy efficient 160W LED equivalents, supplied by ESIC Lighting (a Geelong-based lighting specialist).

Not only is the new lighting both brighter and flicker-free, reducing eye-strain and headaches, the LEDs also have a lifetime more than three-times longer than the vapour lamps they’ve replaced; saving money and downtime spent constantly replacing faulty bulbs.

How do the lights operate?

ESIC’s PUK series LED highbays feature motion and daylight sensing; fully autonomous, they turn off automatically when not needed.

Their operational settings can also be adjusted wirelessly through the use of a mobile app; allowing the user to adjust desired timeout following motion detection, as well as both operational and standby brightness levels to optimise lighting levels and maximise energy savings.

What was achieved through the lighting replacement?

Through the replacement of highbay lighting alone, Caron Laboratories is estimated to save $12,700 every year on electricity costs alone(1), with more savings expected through reduced bulb replacement and the labour costs associated with it.

They will also be reducing their CO2 emissions by approximately 27.2 Metric Tons per year; the equivalent CO2 emissions from 366 flights from Melbourne to Sydney!(2)

(1) Actual measured lighting consumption reduced from 127.05kWh to 21.87kWh per day, electricity costs assumed at $0.33 per kWh.
(2) QANTAS offset calculator at 78kg CO2 per flight -  Carbon Offsetting at Qantas.

How was development supported?

Through funding supplied by Cleantech Innovations Geelong, ESIC lighting was able to develop the Integrated Intelligence software, which allows the energy efficient lights to be dimmed when sufficient ambient light is present and when space is unoccupied. 

Page last updated: Tuesday, 26 September 2023