Smarter Homes Smarter Living Community

Raising awareness, supporting community action and building the capacity of groups helps us transition the broader community to a low carbon future.

Community input

We want to ensure the community provides input into FPGs work so it remains relevant.

You can reach us and provide feedback through the feedback form below or by emailing us at

Smarter Homes Smarter living

We encourage Geelong residents to live a more sustainable, low-carbon life by:

  • building and retrofitting to create more energy efficient homes
  • encouraging an understanding of behaviour changes required to minimise environmental footprints using One Planet Living Principles.

The Smarter Homes, Smarter Living program offers:

  • a free sustainability design service for anyone in Geelong building or retrofitting their home with Council's ESD officer
  • information via the Smarter Homes, Smarter Living Information Booklet and Smarter Homes Smarter Living website, including helpful videos.
  • support for and partnering with community events such as Sustainable House Day and sustainable living activities
  • support for an Environmental Sustainable Design trial across the region, to encourage developers of commercial and medium density residential projects to aim for better environmental outcomes.

Tiny Houses - the way of the future?

Following the success of last years visit to Geelong by The New Joneses (the sustainable living "tiny house" pop up delighted over 5000 visitors at Geelong After Dark), Future Proofing Geelong has again invited the New Joneses back to Geelong to educate and inspire school children during the week of 20-23 February 2018, and then be open to the public at Pako Festa on Saturday 24 February 2018.

The New Joneses showcase easy, everyday lifestyle choices we can all make for happier people and a healthier planet. For more information visit the New Joneses website.

Zero Carbon Emissions Strategy

Read our strategy on reducing our carbon emissions to zero.

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