Video resources for small businesses

During the Geelong Small Business Festival in August 2018, Future Proofing Geelong hosted a Facebook Live conversation with businesses leading the way in being good to the planet.

Sometimes it's the small steps that count.

These businesses value doing business in a responsible way, for the bank account, the environment and the community.  They spent an hour talking about their experiences with each other and our illustrious MC, Niraj Lal. 

Four inspiring stories of how Sage Farm, RipCurl, Geelong Mums and Oishi-M are doing good by providing sustainable food and clothing featured during the Facebook Live event.  These businesses have become more energy and waste efficient, installed renewable energy systems, become B-Corp certified and educated their customers along the way. 

Now that's clever and creative.  No matter how big or how small, we all have a part to play.  Small steps...just take one.

The highlights from the Facebook Live conversation have been captured:

ABC Sciency's Niraj Lal

Geelong Mums



Sage Farm

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