Geelong Disabled People's Industries solar and LED install

Geelong Disabled People's Industries are making significant savings through simple building upgrades.
  • Installed 60 kilowatts (kW) of Australian-made Tindo Solar Panels
  • Upgrade to pay itself off within 5 years, with further savings to follow
  • Panels generate roughly 70% of energy needs
  • Lights upgraded to LEDs, reducing energy costs by 40% while being brighter and longer-lasting.

Local non-profit Geelong Disabled Peoples Industries (GDPI) have cut energy costs through solar and LED upgrades following an energy assessment partly funded by a City of Greater Geelong energy assessment grant.

Geelong based Green Earth Electrical performed the upgrades; 30kW of Australian-made Tindo panels were each installed on GDPI's two workshop buildings as well as a replacement of factory lighting with LEDs.

The solar panels are expected to generate roughly 70% of GDPI’s energy needs, while the LEDs will reduce lighting energy costs by 40%.

The upgrade is expected to pay itself off within 5 years, with marked energy cost savings to follow.

Eric Smith - General Manager GDP Industries

We found Green Earth very helpful. They took our electricity bills and interval data then calculated the system we would need…we are delighted at being able to see how the system is operating on the 'real time' website.

Mal Huybens - Office Manager GDP Industries

We didn't realize how much the lighting could be improved until after the new LED lights were fitted, and our workshop team is delighted. We hope that our story will give other businesses the incentive to take this sort of action.

Page last updated: Wednesday, 17 February 2021