Opportunities for cleantech in Geelong

Greater Geelong has a diverse economy and current growth is being driven by healthcare and social assistance, construction, public administration and safety, education and training, and accommodation and food services.

Manufacturing remains one of the region’s top four employers, however the recent decline across a number of manufactured product categories (the greatest being in motor vehicle manufacture) has had ripple effects throughout Geelong’s economy.

Developing a clean technology driven growth economy relies on the technical services and production businesses Geelong already has, which are looking for their next opportunity to diversify their markets.  We have a number of transferable skills in Geelong. 

In addition, there are opportunities for topping up skills we already have (for example: developing more green skills amongst plumbers and electricians); and developing more cleantech skills within management, procurement and architecture.  Therefore, opportunities for businesses to adapt their existing operations and create new business opportunities individually or through alliances are plentiful. 

Cleantech Innovations Geelong has identified these opportunities by undertaking:

  • a market analysis of the market needs
  • a skills audit of manufacturers' ability to meet these needs and
  • generating a strategic  plan, which outlines the gaps and opportunities in the market, and projects which will respond to these gaps and opportunities. 

The projects identified in the strategic plan focus on those which expand businesses, create/maintain jobs and develop skills. 

Page last updated: Friday, 28 February 2020